Welcome to Akal Purakh Sewa Trust (Regd.)

Join hands together

"In the midst of this world, do seva, and you shall be given a place of honor in the Court of the Lord"
Under the spiritual guidance of Bibi Varinder Kaur Ji

Their leadership and unwavering commitment have shaped the Trust into an organization that embodies the values of compassion, selflessness, and equality. Through their tireless efforts, they have created a platform for individuals to come together and serve the community, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity.

ONGOING Projects

Learn Gurbani Keertan and Tabla

At Akal Purakh Sewa Trust, we are dedicated to serving the community by promoting the rich heritage of Gurbani Keertan, nurturing musical talent in Tabla playing.

Free Health Facilities

We are committed to promoting holistic health and well-being. Our team of trained professionals specializes in physiotherapy, homeopathy, and acupressure, and allopathy providing natural and effective methods for restoring and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Our Mission

At Akal Purakh Sewa Trust, we are dedicated to serving the community through our diverse range of services. Our organization focuses on providing training in Gurbani Keertan, Tabla playing, as well as offering holistic health services such as physiotherapy, homeopathy, allopathy and acupressure

Our Initiatives

Our aim is to promote natural healing, restore vitality, and enhance overall well-being. By combining traditional healing practices with modern techniques, we strive to offer effective and personalized care to individuals seeking improved health outcomes.

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